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Who We Are

Mosstique is a family-owned business based in Austin, TX. Our mission is to bring nature to every space with sustainable no-maintenance vibrant art frames. We have something for everyone. All Mosstique products and promotional materials are originally designed and handcrafted.

For commissioned art inquiries or any other questions, please get in touch.

Our Story

“I need something green here,” I thought to myself staring at a blank wall in our living room nearly two years ago. My husband Dennis and I together with our son Theo had recently moved into a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, NY and were agonizing over design decisions.


I knew I wanted something natural looking, but it couldn’t be living. At the time I was what I like to call a serial plant killer (I’ve been rehabilitated since). That was when I discovered a new trend on Etsy - preserved moss wall art. I didn’t know what that was, but I knew it was exactly what I needed. It looked natural, didn’t require any care and like nature itself, was perfectly imperfect. 


Initially it was just a hobby (I won’t be showing my earliest works for everyone’s sake) - first mine, then Dennis’. Soon enough our friends started getting them as birthday gifts and we started running out of space. Eventually we decided to try ourselves on Etsy. Thus began the life-changing journey of Mosstique as our brain child and family business.

Today we work out of our home studio in Austin, TX. We moved here in pursuit of more space, warm weather and walk-in closets. But mainly because this city is home to some of the country’s finest makers and creatives. We are proud and humbled to call it home.

Nigar Fatali & Dennis Roscher

Co-founders of Mosstique

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