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All Things Moss Wall Art

Updated: May 20, 2023

Introducing Mosstique Blog: All Things Moss Wall Art, Home Decor, Table Decor and More

Who are we, anyway?

Hi there. My name is Nigar Fatali and I am the founder of Mosstique, which I run and co-own with my husband Dennis out of our home-studio in Austin, TX.

Mosstique originated in our one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, NY, but as we kept growing, our apartment kept shrinking around us. Soon enough we felt like Alice in Wonderland when she grew into a giant after eating that cake. Here are some examples of me working off our kitchen table and the tiny wall desk in our living room. Notice the much needed glass of wine on the shelf. And did I mention we were also raising our toddler in the same apartment? Let's just say our Dyson was working some extra hours. Fun times!

That was our queue to leave New York in pursuit of life, happiness and more space.

Why moss?

I have always been what I like to call a serial plant killer. Not that I tried to be, but such is the fate of an air head. That's why when I discovered preserved moss it immediately captured my attention. An evergreen all-natural no-maintenance sustainable moss wall art? Sign me up!

It was quite a learning curve though. I had to learn a ton about types of moss and differences between them and go through the ups and downs of finding the right suppliers. Besides, did I even have what it takes to be an artist? Could I learn a completely new craft while juggling work, motherhood and other things life? Well, turned out I did and I could. Mosstique hit the ground running as soon as we opened our Etsy shop in February 2021, and it hasn't stopped since.

So why moss? To me it's the ideal art medium. It is that unique piece of art that inspires conversations among house guests. It is an easy way to bring nature into a house or an office, without having to maintain it. It sets the mood, whether you're craving calmness and zen, or joy or vibrance. And it is an absolutely perfect uncommon gift!

Why read us?

In this blog - which I cross my heart and hope to maintain regularly - we'll be sharing all things moss wall art, Etsy, business and beyond. I'll tell you everything I've learned, so you don't have to.

It'll also be our space to share ideas, inspiration and latest moss puns with our readers. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media so you don't moss out on anything (see what I did there?).

Virtually yours,

Nigar Fatali

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