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Mossequal Hex is a show stopper, a conversation starter and a unique home decor item that brings colors of the rainbow wherever it goes. Handcrafted from all-natural preserved moss and dried flowers, it comes in modular hexagon frames with standard wall hooks and can be arranged in any order. No sunlight, watering or other care required. 



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Care instructions:


- for indoor use only

- keep away from direct sunlight and non-LED light to make sure that moss preserves its color

- frames with dried flowers should be kept away from humidity and don't require any watering.

- doesn't attract insects or build mold


Our products are made of preserved moss, which means it’s no longer alive and has been treated to preserve its color and texture. It is non-toxic and doesn’t pose any known health risks. We do not use artificial elements or silk flowers.


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Rainbow Honeycomb Set - 24 inch | Moss Wall Art | Hexagon Art | Nature Home Deco

Frame Color
  • Handmade in Austin, TX

    Material: all-natural preserved moss, natural wood, pressed fern leaves

    Frame size: 24 inch hexagon

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