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RuMoss are handcrafted preserved moss panels in rectangular frames inspired by the colors of the rainbow 🌈 A perfect gift for any occasion and a great home decor item, whether it’s for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, entryway or office. No sunlight or watering required.


Care instructions:

- for indoor use only

- keep away from direct sunlight and non-LED light to make sure moss preserves its color

- no watering required


Our products are made of preserved moss, which means it’s no longer alive and has been chemically treated to preserve color and texture. It is non-toxic and doesn’t pose any known health risks.

RuMoss - Colorful Moss Wall Art | Single Frame

Frame Color
  • Handmade in Austin, TX

    Material: all-natural preserved moss, natural wood, pressed fern leaves

    Frame size: 20x10 inches

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